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By taking photographs I have involuntarily developed into a specialist for birds. Whenever I discovered a bird I didn't know, I identified it with my identification book and thus got a completely different view of what is moving outside. I find this exciting and one gets a different perception. For example when stragglers come in front of the lens - like the Whooper Swans, which are quite rare here. There are plenty of photo opportunities on the Elbe, right here on my doorstep. White-tailed eagles can often be spotted, sometimes several at once. Time and again you see an osprey. Cranes breed on the other side of the Elbe, and in early summer you might be lucky enough to see parents with their offspring. Storks can be seen en masse in some places during the breeding season. If you look closely, you can even spot owls during the day. Harriers and kites can often be spotted.

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