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South Africa has a lot to offer - great landscapes, two oceans, flora and fauna, good food and excellent wine, breattaking sunsets. I lived there for a while. The inhabitants of this country interest me just as much. Here are snapshots from visits to the townships, from a photo shoot and from everyday life in Cape Town, golden hour at Camps Bay, panorama Bloubergstrand. Cape Town stands for diversity, warmth, blue skies, wind and sea - the place to be. On the other hand, millions live in townships, some without running water or sanitation. As of today, one in three people in South Africa is unemployed. Statistically 70 people are murdered every day in this country. A condition that is getting worse rather than better, even after the end of apartheid. The South African energy crisis is an ongoing period of widespread national blackouts of electricity supply. It began in the later months of 2007 and continues to the present. According to the gouvernment owned Eskom, the solution requires the construction of additional power stations and generators. Corruption and mismanagement have exacerbated this energy crisis. The electricity has been cut off several times a day for years. But nothing happens. The country is caught between an unresolvable present and an irretrievable past. Here you can find portrait and landscape photography.

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