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About me

My name is Wolfgang Hultsch. For me, taking a photo means capturing beauty with my camera and giving it eternal life. Since I was given my first Minolta at the age of maybe 12, I have been looking closely at things around us and imagining how I can best portray the wonders as a photograph.

I left my native city of Lüneburg at the age of 13 and returned to the northern German district town years ago.

In my free time I am outdoors. In my garden, out with the dog or taking photos. Or I cook something delicious.  My guests like my chestnut soup quite a lot.

As a hobby photographer, I taught myself the tools of the trade. My work focuses on nature photography: landscapes, animals, plants. But I am also at horse shows, airports and where there are people. Always on the lookout for something special.  

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Wolfgang Hultsch
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Cutting orange with knife in the kitchen

"When a photo is good is often up to the viewer. And it is not enough to simply be in the right place at the right time. You also have to recognise your subject and react quickly if necessary."

A320 Finair aeroplane


I'm fascinated by the technology, I find most aircraft very aesthetic. 
I also find airports exciting with their hustle and bustle. 
Before 9/11 I flew in the cockpit a few times. And I was very impressed by that. 
That's why years ago I edited a video and published it on YouTube.
This video has since been viewed more than 3 million times.

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