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Canon R6 Mark ii + 200-800mm camera


Hello, my name is Wolfgang. On this page I present you a selection of my photos.

I'm Wolfgang Hultsch

Hello, my name is Wolfgang. I live with my family, dog and horse in beautiful Lüneburg in Niedersachsen, Germany. In my free time I like to cook - the rest of the time I spend outdoors. Out with the dog, at the horse or in my garden. And when I'm not doing that, I take photos. On this page I present you some of my favorite photos, which I have summarized here thematically for you. Wild animals in South Africa, Shots from the Schlagermove in Hamburg, Birds, Hamburg, sensual photos in black and white, shots from Cape Town and the surrounding area, summer motifs, photographs from my visits to horse shows and then some that were shot by the water - by the sea, by the lake or somewhere else. Have fun looking at them.

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