South Africa

crocodile very close, Krokodil Südafrika
very young leopard, Baby Leopard
black mamba, schwarze Mamba
mutton heads - delicacy in some parts of South Africa, Hammelköpfe
Fotoshooting Kalkbay, False Bay
dragonfly, Prachtlibelle
velvet family St. Lucia, Affenfamilie
Fisherman in Hout Bay, South Africa
buffalo, Büffel Südafrika
lizard with hibiscus
green monkey St. Lucia
young elephant drops into mud, Elefantenbaby spielt im Matsch
tin hut township Cape Town, Blechhütten
Surprised woman
little girls township cape town
viniculture South Africa, Weinanbau Kapstadt
sad looking boy in township in cape town
tatoos, cooler Typ mit Tatoos Kapstadt
little warthog baby, Baby Warzenschwein
beaches empty of people, Traumstrand Südafrika
leopards mother with booty, Leopardin mit Beute
Boschendal grande Pavillon, sparkling wine
green mamba, grüne Mamba, South Africa
Township CPT
south Africa Brewery Black label
Bollard harbour Cape Town
male leopard South Africa
train to somerset west
hippos chillen
injured zebra South Africa
imposing male elephant South Africa
wounded young antelope South Africa
streetfood on bree Cape Town
male lions with prey very close
Queen Victoria Street Cape Town