My Highlights

Halle 113 Reinbeckhallen Berlin

While exploring Schöneweide in Berlin, I discovered this studio - housed in old factory buildings from GDR times: Hall 113 in the Reinbeckhallen.

corocodile very near iSimangaliso-Wetland-Park

I spotted this crocodile in the iSimangaliso Wetland Park at the height of St Lucia. 
You can get very close to the animals there by boat. The crocodile looks full and content, I think. But you never know - a handsome German tourist as a snack ...

DC 6 Tempelhof

On one of my visits to Berlin, I visited the disused Tempelhof Airport. It's worth a trip. 
In front of the terminal building is a very old DC-6.
A really impressive aircraft with an exciting history.

dog friendship, Paula and Benno

Great dog friendship - Paula meets Benno on the Elbe beach in the summer of 2022. 
She can play fetch and romp in the water with him. What a life.

Kirche Boizenburg

I have a favorite place on the Elbe - there the river is quite wide, there is a long sandy beach, in the river there is a sandbank. On the way there I took this photo. Photographed from Lower Saxony with 600mm to the other side of the Elbe. 
You can see the church of Boizenburg in Mecklenburg Vorpommern.

991761-8 Locomotive

This is the well-lubricated linkage of a steam locomotive. The 99 1761-8 runs on the narrow gauge along the beautiful route between Radebeul and Radeburg. 
In Moritzburg near Dresden - where the trains meet - I took this picture in summer 2021. The smell of coal and lubricant and the splashing hot water are fascinating.

Thanksgiving 2022

Thanksgiving 2022 - a selection of the fruits that our garden is giving us this year despite the enormous drought: various apples and pears, quince, peach, plum, hazelnut, different types of wine

Tutzing Starnberger See

This photo was taken on an October morning in Tutzing on Lake Starnberg. 
Deutsche Bahn apparently also liked this motif quite a bit - they used another motif on their site for some years.

Schlagermove Sex Schönheit

This shot of this beauty was taken at a special event this year. 
What a great charisma, a really great woman.
My personal photo of the year.

Niki Airbus A320

I photographed the Airbus A320 of Niki after a beautiful day of mountain hiking in great weather directly at Calvi CLY airport, located in the northwest of Corsica. 
Niki discontinued it's flights in December 2017.

herd of Impala South Africa

A herd of impala somewhere in the north of South Africa.
I love the mood of this picture.

thistle butterfly, Distelfalter in our garden

A thistle butterfly sits on a butterfly bush in our garden and enjoys the richly laid table.

Whooper Swans, Singschwäne

I photographed these two Whooper Swans at the Fehlingsbleck nature reserve early in the morning on my birthday in 2021. The animals overwinter there in fairly large numbers. It was a frosty morning with bright sunshine. After sunrise, the animals set off in groups from their roost to forage. Impressive animals.

male lions have torn a giraffe

Two young male lions have torn a giraffe in South Africa. While one of them is taking a digestive walk, the other is still gnawing on the giraffe's remains early in the morning. 
Full of food, we can get very close to him.

earth's moon, moon

As the full moon was rising on an October evening, I set up my tripod and took this photo. You can clearly see the large lunar craters - circular depressions in the floor of the Earth's moon, enclosed by a ring-shaped raised wall. Almost all lunar craters are impact craters formed by meteorites.

I photographed the polar bear in the spring of 2022 at the Arctic Circle in Finland. 
In the snow at almost minus 20 degrees Celsius she felt visibly well. 
What an imposing creature  :-)